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We just launched the industry's first totally free Enrolled Agent Exam community. We understand that these things can take a little patience and time to make them successful. As part of a growing movement, you can help forever change the way aspiring EA's prepare for the Enrolled Agent Exam. Teaching is learning, those can interact in group-study or an online community will learn and better retain information more efficiently than those that just read it.

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Becoming an Enrolled Agent

There are four steps to becoming an Enrolled Agent:

  1. Obtain a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) It takes just a few minutes to register for this at: www.irs.gov/ptin
  2. Pass all 3 parts of the IRS Special Enrollment Examination
  3. Apply for enrollment and go to www.pay.gov to complete Form 23. The cost is $30.
  4. Pass Tax Compliance/Background Check
    *The IRS will give prospective EA’s a background check to ensure they have “not engaged in any conduct that would justify the suspension or disbarment of a practitioner from practice before the IRS”.
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Enrolled Agent Requirements

To become an EA, you simply need to be 18 years of age or older, have a valid Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN), and pass the Special Enrollment Examination. Earning the Enrolled Agent credential is one of the few career choices where those looking to move into tax and accounting can work year round without investing a lot of time and money in a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree.

Special Enrollment Examination

Also known as the Enrolled Agent exam, (EA for short), the Special Enrollment Examination is a three-part exam administered by Prometric on behalf of the IRS. Each part is taken separately and consists of a 100 question, multiple-choice exam. The three parts of the exam are: Part 1 - Individual taxation, Part 2 - Business taxation, and Part 3 - Representation, Practices, & Procedures.

Approximate pass rates for the EA exam in 2017-2018:

  • Part 1 - Individuals 61%
  • Part 2 - Business 64%
  • Part 3 - Representation, Practices, & Procedures 82%
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Who is hiring Enrolled Agents?

Large National Tax Preparation Companies
One of the more common places an Enrolled Agent can find employment is with a large tax preparation firm with a national presence. The most common service these companies provide is personal and business tax services. Due to some of the most sweeping changes in recent tax code history, Enrolled Agents are currently in high demand. Just like a CPA or tax attorney, an Enrolled Agent has the authority (regarding tax matters) to speak directly to the IRS on behalf of the client. So what other companies hire Enrolled Agents and what kind and how much can an Enrolled Agent make per year? Tax Resolution Services, Law Firms, Corporate Accounting Firms, Public Accounting Firms, Departments of Revenue, Banks, State & Federal Agencies, Business Consultants, Insurance Agencies, Financial Planning and Investment Firms can hire and employ Enrolled Agents with salaries ranging from $40,000 - $125,000 per year based on experience.